Monday, June 4, 2012

Handy App Tip: Yelp

This is going to be a post Nerdy mom would approve of.

I've recently been using the Yelp App to help me find restaurants & stores nearby. It's been quite handy, providing reviews from other people, how far the business is to me, addresses, telephone numbers & website details.

And, it's not just limited to restaurants or stores. I've found organic farms, physical therapist, Auto repair/ tire stores, gyms and rug cleaners.

But here is one feature I recently discovered on Yelp. If you register an account and open the Check-in tab, there are many businesses that offer discounts, free services & products. All you have to do is check-in. For example, my favourite doughnut store Krispy Kreme is currently offering 1 free glazed doughnut when you check-in. I have also spotted beauty salons & Pilates studios that offer 10-20% off your total bill.

The App allows you to search the check-in offers by location & filter the results according to the type of business you need.

The Yelp App gets the thumps up from me!

~Fit mom

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