Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Road Trip Snack Ideas

I've known people to bring the rice cooker with them on road trips, my own family included. I also know people who peruse the rest stops to purchase their food there.

But, what should we really be bringing with us for Road Trip Snacks? What is healthy and relatively inexpensive? What foods will keep us fuller for longer? What foods can be preserved and don't spoil quickly? And, what foods take up the least space? The last one being a factor especially for those taking vacation road trips and thus baggage & other items needed take up the most space in the vehicle.

I'm not a big fan of rest stop food restaurants/stores because normally the food available aren't as healthy and sometimes the cost of the food can be expensive. However, If I don't have snacks or drinks with me, then they can be a life saver.

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