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Hi & Welcome to Our Blog!
We’re two friends & moms with an interest in all things parenting, smart shopping, fitness and much more. Here we hope to share with you tips & experiences  that we’ve picked up along our journey
Fit Mom - I’m mom to an extraordinarily active 9 year old girl. Wife of an adventure lover. Both of whom encourage my crazy extreme wanderlust, love of Summer days, pristine beaches, running, sprinting, lifting weights and yoga. I’m here to blog about anything & everything that falls under the umbrella of being a mom, a fitness enthusiasts, nutrition & traveling.
Please note: I am not a qualified personal trainer, if you chose to do anything I have posted, you do so under your own risk. I am here to share my journey with you & inspire you on yours.
Nerdy Mom - I’m Sarah, mom of a crazy demon child(I kid, I kid…hehehe), his name is Jae and he is a beautiful, healthy 2 year old toddler.
I’m married to a very anti-social husband who despises everybody on the planet(sorry hun!), but he is a very loving husband and father. :-)
I’m a BIG internet junky, I love to research about pretty much anything!
I used to be a HUGE gamer before I had Jae. I love video games and MMORPG’s(I’m a fan of World of Warcraft!).
Now you wonder why I’m the nerdy one! :-P
I am also ADDICTED to couponing and saving $$$$!
I’ll be sharing my experiences on raising my son from birth, couponing, product reviews and more.  Enjoy!

If you have any questions feel free to comment or drop us an email at nerdymomfitmom@gmail.com.

Thanks! xx

-Nerdy Mom and Fit Mom


  1. Yay...I'm glad I have another place to stalk you, G! ;)

  2. Hey, Roselyn! Awesome...happy to see another fit mom here :) G



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