Friday, May 25, 2012

Couponing Tip: How to use store coupons at other stores

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Have you ever gotten one of these?  Ever wondered how-or if -you can you use them?  I am here to put your fear of couponing away little by little!

First of all, they are exactly what they seem.  You get a certain amount off when you present these coupons at the cash register.  How do you get them?  By purchasing certain items that are running special promotions that are advertised in the ad flyer.  After you pay at the register, there is a separate little machine near the cash register that will print one of these coupons and the clerk should hand them over to you with the receipt.

What is the difference between these two coupons?  On the right side of the coupons they both say "SHOPRITE".  But near the expiration date, the coupon on top says "MANUFACTURER CPN" and one on the bottom says "STORE COUPON".  

So how can you use these Shoprite coupons at other super markets or stores?  The one that says "STORE COUPON" cannot be used anywhere else but Shoprite.  The bar code is specifically for Shoprite scanners.  Now the one that says "MANUFACTURER CPN" can be used at another super market.  Why?  Because manufacturer coupons are straight from the manufacturers(not from stores) and the super markets can send it out to the manufacturer to get the value of the coupon redeemed.

Check with your super market and ask if they take competitor's coupons.  Most will say yes, as long as it says "manufacturer coupon".  Some stores may have store policies that are more strict so my advice is just ask.  It never hurts to.  

You are a consumer and you are entitled to save money.

I go to both Giant and Shoprite frequently and always use Giant coupons at Shoprite and vice versa.  Whichever store that has the best deals that week, I take my coupons there.

-Nerdy Mom

P.S.  If you have any couponing questions please don't hesitate to ask!


  1. Hi! I'm trying to figure out couponing so thanks for the post and I'm looking forward to more :-)
    Ania, a new follower from

  2. That's great! We can learn from each other! ;)



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