Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How to BUY Drug Store Items for FREE!

Getting stuff for free is so easy with drugstores these days!  They actually advertise them like the picture on the left!  You will see this on the Walgreen's ad from this week on the last page.  So how does it work?  Let's say you are going to buy the Tecnu First Aid Gel.  The sale price is $7.  Then it says you'll get $7 Register Rewards good on next purchase.  You pay the $7 out of pocket at the register and  you will get a little long coupon with your receipt that looks like this:

You may not like the idea of having to pay out of your pocket first but, you can use that $7 register reward towards other items such as ANOTHER FREE ITEM!  Right below the first aid gel, you will see Youtheory Collagen Type 1 & 3 for $7 sale price.  It also says you get $7 Register Rewards good on next purchase.  You can use the $7 Register Reward that you got from the first aid gel and use it to buy the Collagen pills.  Guess what? You get ANOTHER Register Rewards for $7!  You won't have to pay a penny! (You can actually do 2 separate transactions for this in the same shopping trip) Now you can save that $7 Register Rewards for similar sales next week!  I save my Register Rewards and hunt for sales like this every week.  It's like getting to try all these items for free!

My total for the above items came out to $20.08 after coupons and before tax.  I used a $0.35 coupon for the toothpaste and used $0.55 for the shaving lotion.  I got $2 back from shaving lotion, $3 from toothpaste, $7 from first aid gel, and $7 from Youtheory Collagen.  So I got $19 total back in Register Rewards which means all this stuff was for $1.08!  You have to try this it's so much fun!  Oh, and remember to read the fine print on the Register Rewards - you can't use it on certain items such as dairy, lottery tickets, etc...  If you have any questions about couponing please don't hesitate to contact me!  Have fun free shopping!

-Nerdy Mom


  1. I love saving money :) Thanks for following my blog, following you back!

    1. Thanks for following! I could really use some of your recipes! Yum!



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