Sunday, June 24, 2012

15 minute workout series #2: The Vacation Workouts

A vacation should just be that a vacation. Time for us to take it guilt free, relax and enjoy ourselves. Training can be put off in favor of spending time with the people we are with, eating delicious food and generally having fun.

However, I know that there are many people still looking to squeeze in a workout during their vacation because they can't stop moving. I am one of those people. I love being active and moving.

There are also people who travel frequently for work and need to fit their workouts in with their travel.

I am currently on a mini vacation and wanted to share with you all what my vacation workouts looked like.

Now, there are many options for people on the move.

The first one being the Fitness room in your hotel. I snapped this quick picture of my hotel Fitness room. To my disappointment, it lacked free weights. Also, with the beautiful weather here, I really wanted to be outside.

There may also be gyms in your vacation area that offer day passes. These day passes can cost any where from $10-$20.

I really wanted a cheap & quick workout so I took things outside by the beach. With my trusty jump rope (see last post here), I devised a quick & intense workout:

5 minutes of warm up: dynamic stretching, jumping jacks, high knee walks

Circuit Vacation Workout
- 1 min Jump Rope
- 15 Decline Push Ups
- 20 Squats
- 10 Bulgarian Split Squats (per leg)
- 10 Burpees

Decline Push Ups

Bulgarian Squats

Repeat entire circuit 4 more times, no rest in between & a cool down stretch.
You can play around with short circuit workouts and custom it to your liking & equipment. Didn't bring a jump rope with you? That's fine, substitute it for jogging on the spot, butt kicks or even jumping jacks.

Other workout ideas
The next workout, which is also free & allows you to enjoy the outdoors, is running or sprint repeats on the boardwalk or sand.
I woke up just after dawn to see that there were many joggers & walkers on the boardwalk already.

Ever tried yoga on the beach? Sun salutations whilst facing the Ocean and having the Sun shine on you is a beautiful experience.

I was also able to rent a bicycle for a few hours and explore the area. Not a 15 minute workout but still enjoyable. I don't count this as a workout but it most definitely got me moving.

Play a quick sports game on the beach like Volleyball.

You can be creative as you want with your quick 15 minute workouts. But, the best thing is that they only take a short amount of your time and leave you the rest of the day to do with as you please.

~Fit mom

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