Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cerama Bryte Cook Top Cleaner Review: Put to the Test!

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After 2 weeks, this is what my cook top looked like
I have a Whirlpool electric range with Ceran cook top.  Oh, how I despise cook tops.  They look good, but I could never seem to get them perfectly clean.  No matter what kind of products I used, nothing seemed to bring back my cook top the way it was before.

A few months ago, I was shopping at Lowe's with my husband and I asked one of the workers what he would recommend for a cook top cleaner.  He took me to the section for cleaning cook tops.  I didn't see anything that caught my eye.  I told him that I've pretty much tried all these products and I wanted something different.  Then he took me over to the appliance section and showed me this product called Cerama Bryte Cook Top Cleaner.  The package came with a scraper and a yellow scrubbing pad and the bottle of the product.  It claimed that they are the #1 cook top cleaner in America - don't they all? - but I decided to give it a try.  I went home and before I opened it, I decided to look for reviews on the internet.  To my surprise, Amazon reviews were really good on this product.

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