Monday, July 9, 2012

15 minute workout series: #3 Row, Row & Row

I'm generally not a fan of cardio machines, but and this is a big BUT, I make an exception for the Indoor Rower.

Indoor rowers may look easy but they give an incredible total-body workout. They are great for overall fitness, fat loss and cross-training. It uses your legs, arms, back and abs.

Legs are responsible for 70% of the power in your strokes.

Benefits of rowing:
1. Low Impact on knees & ankles Ideal for people with joint problems. As this is a seated activity, rowing removes body weight and impact from the injury prone joints of the hips, knees and ankles.
2. High calorie burner It uses many muscle groups in your body. You get stronger and maintain a large calorie burn.
3. Functional Incorporates functional, core-strengthening, posture improving movements of the leg-press, hip hinge and row.
4. Engages upper and lower body
5. Also works your back and abs
6. Combines the benefits of cardiovascular fitness and strength training in one workout
7. Suitable for most people to use
8. It's a rain or shine activity

84% of your muscle mass is used when rowing That includes:
-Rectus Abdominis
-Erector Spinae

How to row?
I found this useful YouTube video showing you the right form and technique for rowing.

Rowing Workouts
To benefit from a 15 minute or less workout, check out these workout ideas for the rower.

Interval Rows
Perform repeats of 500m/750m or 1000m distances. Rest anywhere from 1-4 minutes between the repeats.

Race against a friend or have a sprint session on the rower. Popular sprint distances include 250m/500m and 750m.

Long Distance
The most common race distance is 2000m. Elite men & women can do this distance in around 5-6 1/2 minutes. Average people will be able to achieve this distance in around 8-8 1/2 minutes. All dependent on gender, weight and fitness.

Indoor rowing classes
If you are completely new to rowing, an indoor rowing class would be a good place to start off. The will be a teacher to help you achieve good form and get the most out of your time. There are also indoor rowing classes that are created as group challenges. The whole class are divided into separate groups and row against each other.

Have a fit and active day, I'm off to row now.

~Fit Mom

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