Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Where to find Yoga workouts

Sometimes it's difficult to find a yoga class near you or when it's convenient for you. Don't let this be a deterrent for you not to pratice yoga.

Here is a list of resources to help you with finding yoga practices & sequences for your yoga workout at home, on the go or at the gym.

1. Streaming yoga videos online
There are many yoga companies that allow you to register for a monthey membership fee for unlimited yoga and Pilates videos. One such company is My Yoga Online. For $10 a month, you are given access to unlimited yoga videos from a variety of teachers & yoga practices. There are also nutritional articles, Pilates, Capoeira, Tai Chi and Fusion workouts available. I am currently subscribed to My Yoga Online and have found it very useful for my home practice. I am not bound by a class schedule and can do yoga on my own time. My flexibility and understanding of my body, body mechanics and yoga has steadily improved with My Yoga Online. There is a vast library of yoga videos stretching from beginners, intermediate, advanced and All Levels. The other benefit is the yoga commmunity on this website. The members provide useful feedback on the video practices that they have done share their own yoga journey with everyone.

My Yoga Online Offering a 2week free trial & cost $10 a month. No contract obligation.

Here are some other Online Yoga companies:
1. Gaian TV Offering a free trial for new users. $9.95 a month and no commitment.
2. YogaGlo Offering a 15 day free trial period and is $18 a month and with no contract commitment.
3. Yoga Vibes Offering a 15 day free trial and cost &20 a month. No contract commitment.

2. YouTube Yoga Videos
Like number 1, this requires the use of a laptop, iPad or computer and Internet access. YouTube is a great resource for finding free yoga videos. Make sure that the Yoga videos are from legitimate teachers and to your yoga ability.

Here are some yoga videos I found on YouTube:

1.Yoga For Complete Beginners-20 mins
2.Flexibility Yoga Class for Moms-20 mins
3.Heart Opening Yoga-30 mins
4.Hip Opening Yoga Class-45 mins
5.Morning Yoga for Flexibility-7 mins

3. Yoga Magazines
These can be purchased at your local supermarket/grocery store/newsagent. Magazines like Yoga Journal provide great insight into particular poses, modifications for your body and asanas to help alleviate poor postures, back pain, hip openers and many more. They include 3-5 yoga home sequences for you to practice at home and in your own time.

I am constantly finding amazing home practices to try out from Yoga Journal.

4. The Internet
Do some research and you can find excellent free yoga sequences at your disposal. These 2 resources offer a free library of yoga videos and are worth checking out:

1.Do Yoga With Me
2.My Free Yoga

5. Yoga Videos & Books
Your local library will have an abundance of yoga videos and books for you to borrow. If you prefer owning your own yoga book or video, check out Amazon for some competitive deals.

6. On Demand/Netflix/Yoga TV channels
Another great way to search for yoga videos and practices. Check out your television channels for free yoga practices to follow.


~Fit Mom

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