Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Top Kid Friendly Online Games

As a former hardcore gamer, I've had a fair share of all sorts of MMOG's & MMORPG's (Massive Multiplayer Online Game/Role Playing Game) up until I had my son.  One of those games included kid's games.  I love cute characters and I like how chats are restricted in kid's games so that other players can't put a player down or discourage a player, and of course use vulgar language.  And, a lot of the cases, parents play with their kids to help them out when they need help in the game.  I've met some great parents through some of these kid's online games.

I believe there is no better way to monitor your child on your own while he/she is playing games.  So I think it's a very good idea to actually join in the fun in the game with your child.  And, of course, I believe this is very important, with time restriction also.  It can be very easy to get carried away without knowing how many hours you've spent in the game.  Trust me, I've been there!

From my own experience, this is what I would look for in a kid's game.
  1. Must have chat restriction
  2. Must involve some thinking in some way
  3. Friendly environment (Players willing to help other players)
 I've personally played and found 5 games that I found rather suitable:

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