Friday, June 1, 2012

How To Take Advantage of Catalinas and Pay Less Out of Your Pocket

I paid $28.49 for all this.  Not the best I've done but I really needed some toilet paper and paper towels and ShopRite happened to have a pretty good deal going on this week through 6/2/12:

The Sparkle paper towels and Angel Soft toilet papers were on sale for $5.88 each.  Which is a nice deal.  But on top of that, according to the ad, if you spend $20 on these participating products you get $5 off on your next shopping trip.  At the cash register, there is a little machine usually near the receipt printer and when you make the qualifying purchases, a $5 coupon will print from that machine and the clerk should hand it over to you with the receipt.  In the couponing world those coupons are called "catalinas". 

So how can you take advantage of those catalinas and pay less out your pocket in your shopping trip?  The trick is to do 2 separate transactions.  All you need to do is kindly ask the clerk if you can do 2 separate transactions and they never have a problem to do so.  Here is what I did:

1st Transaction
2 Sparkle Paper Towels - $5.88 each (on sale with club card)
2 Angel Soft Toilet Papers - $5.88 each (on sale with club card)
8 YoCrunch - $0.60 each (on sale with club card)
1 Box Fudgesicles - $0.88 each (on sale with club card)

*Coupons Used:
1 $1.00 off for 2 Sparkle Paper Towels from previous Sunday paper
1 $1.00 off for 2 Angel Soft Paper Towels from previous Sunday paper
2 $0.65 off for 4 YoCrunch from (after they tripled the coupons I got all of them for free)
Total: $24.70 after tax + $5 catalina from spending $20 on participating products

2nd Transaction
1 20 lb ShopRite Long Grain Rice $8.79 (with club card)

*Coupons Used:
1 $5 catalina from 1st transaction
Total: $3.79

It's that easy.  I wish I had this kind of knowledge on grocery shopping a long time ago.  Oh well, better late than never!  I hope you found this post beneficial.  I'm such a nerd when it comes to saving money! :)

Happy saving!

-Nerdy Mom

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