Sunday, June 10, 2012

Couponing Tip: Buying Sunday Newspapers for Cheaper Price

If you are thinking about couponing, you should start with buying Sunday newspapers for cheap.  I buy 4 newspapers every Sunday to get 4 stacks of coupon inserts.  Where I live, a local Sunday newspaper costs $1.75 normally at super markets and convenient stores.  Philadelphia Inquirer is the metropolitan newspaper (they stopped carrying the RedPlum coupon insert) and it costs $2.00.  If you are lucky enough to live in an area that delivers coupon inserts every week, I envy you!  I live in one of those unlucky areas!  And since I'm such a penny pincher, I don't like to spend that much on newspapers especially because the only reason I get them is for coupons.  If I paid regular price for those newspapers, I'd be paying $28 a month!  Sure, the coupons I get from the newspapers and then couponing to buy groceries pays off but I just like to save a little more.

So here are few things that you can do to buy them cheaper:

  • Buy them at your nearest dollar store.  I'm not sure if all dollar stores carry newspapers but I know Dollar Tree does.  The local Sunday paper (The Intelligencer or The Courier Times in my area) comes with both SmartSource and RedPlum coupon inserts and they only cost $1.
  • The obvious option would be getting them delivered every Sunday to your door by subscription.  Only reason I don't like to do this is because sometimes the coupon inserts can be missing and there is no way for you to check them before you buy them. Also, the special price is usually set for a certain time and after that period is over, they'll start charging you regular cost of the newspaper or more.
  • Go to the super market or convenient store at the end of the day and ask if they can sell the newspapers for a cheaper price.  It's a hit or miss though, the stores may do it for you or may not, and by the end of the day they may be out of newspapers too.
I go to the Dollar Tree every Sunday morning to get 4 newspapers.  I think it's a great deal.  Do you know any other cheaper ways to get coupon inserts?  Let us know!

-Nerdy Mom

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